Our client wanted to create an all-in-one Virtual Reality (VR) training solution that provides immersive and engaging learning experiences. They were struggling to find a reliable and affordable company to develop the solution in New Zealand.


As a leading software development company, Isoft was able to provide the expertise and resources needed to build the VR training solution. We worked closely with the client to understand their specific requirements, goals, and budget. Our team of experienced developers used cutting-edge VR technologies to create a highly immersive and interactive training experience for the users.


The end result was a top-quality VR training solution that met the client’s vision of making learning fun, impactful, and measurable. Trainees were able to wear the VR headset and experience a virtual world that simulated real-world scenarios, allowing them to practice and master skills in a safe and controlled environment. The client was highly satisfied with the final product and appreciated our timely delivery, professional communication, and competitive pricing.

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